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FAQ: Why does my Transport / Player not read / play some 16/44.1 discs?

Copy-protected discs still appear occasionally. These are deliberately manufactured so as not to meet the Red Book standard, but are sold as CDs – which breaks consumer protection laws in many countries. Such discs can often be read by inexpensive players (due to less error checking) and copied by PCs (which defeats the object of the “protection”)! If you find a 16/44.1 disc does not play correctly and does not carry the “Compact Disc Digital Audio” logo, please demand a genuine CD from the disc manufacturer.

The playability of CD-Rs depends mainly on the quality / condition of the CD burner. We have found some burners that burn discs which cannot be read by any other machine. Well made CD-Rs generally play correctly.

Please see the manual for more details on acceptable disc types.