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FAQ: How do I update my dCS DAC to play DSD over PCM (DoP) files?

A software update is all that is needed to add DoP capability to our current range of DACs. The earliest software versions that support DoP are Scarlatti DAC v1.30, Paganini DAC v1.30, Debussy DAC v2.10, Puccini Player v1.41,  all Vivaldi DAC and all Rossini DAC/Player versions. Please check the current Control software version loaded in your DAC as described in the manual. If your unit is loaded with older software, please request an update disc with instructions from your dCS dealer or distributor. If you do not have local support, contact us.

Sorry, we cannot add DoP capability to the Elgar / Elgar Plus DAC, Delius DAC, Purcell or P8i Player.