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FAQ: How do I get the latest software for my dCS unit?

Update discs for current products are shipped to our distributors shortly after release. If you bought your units new through our authorised distributors and dealers, please check that you need an update and then contact your national distributor to request an update disc with instructions. Update discs should be supplied at no charge.

If you bought your units in a different country, or second-hand or through non-authorised dealers, please contact us to request an update disc, stating the unit serial number and your address. We reserve the right to make a nominal service charge in such cases.

If you need to update a Classic unit, please contact us,  stating the full unit serial number and the current software issue(s) from the menu. A nominal service charge will be made for update discs for Classic units. Software updates are no longer available for Classic units manufactured before 2001 that do not have the CD Update feature in the menu.