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FAQ: Can I update my dCS units via USB from a PC?

For DACs, Upsamplers or Clocks – yes, provided the system is set up correctly.

The update will not run unless the dCS software is received completely unchanged. For bit-perfect playback, the streaming program must be set to disable the following features: volume adjustment, fade in/out, re-sampling to 24 bits and sample rate conversion. If the unit being updated displays 24/44.1 for example, the data has been re-sampled and the update will fail.

Select the USB input, set the unit to Master sync and disconnect any clock cables. Play a few seconds of the disc or file so that the PC outputs a 44.1 stream. Follow the instructions supplied with the disc or file. It is possible to update from iTunes but difficult – the file has be imported into the iTunes library (where it will be given a spurious identification!) and then played bit-perfect.

Transports and Players must be updated from a disc.