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Still Impressive! dCS Elgar DAC

Date: May 2016

Review by Jeff Dorgay

Tone Audio #77

It’s always a blast to take a trip in the wayback machine,
especially in the world of digital audio, where years are like
dog years. Back in 1996, dCS introduced the world’s first high
performance DAC, the Elgar, with 24/96 capabilities. (And a
$12,000 price tag) It was later updated to Elgar Plus, allowing
for 24/192 and DSD capabilities and there was no price
increase of note, until the exchange rates forced the importer
to raise the final price to $15,000. Having spent the last six
years using dCS as my digital reference, revisiting the Elgar, or
in this case an Elgar Plus, supplied to us by Music Lovers in
San Francisco – a premier dCS dealer.