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Rossini CD/SACD Transport

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Rossini uses the very latest dCS Digital Processing Platform and Ring DAC technology, originally developed for the flagship Vivaldi series. Its single FPGA brings improved signal processing and superior flexibility, effectively making it future-proof.

Rossini Transport upsamples CD data to DSD, DSD/128 or DXD (24-bit 352.8 kS/s) and transmits the data over the Dual AES/EBU interface. SACDs are played in their native DSD format, again over the Dual AES/EBU interface. Native CD data is available from 3 PCM outputs (1x AES3 and 2x SPDIF), as is down-sampled SACD data.

The Rossini CD/SACD Transport mechanism features a 2mm steel frame, cast aluminium disc tray and vibration dampening materials delivering excellent performance in rigidity, vibration resistance and resonant-free operation. Electronics have been optimised to ensure extremely low-noise disc reading and the heavily damped mechanics ensure minimum unnecessary servo operation and current draw.

Rossini Transport can be controlled via the custom Rossini control app, allowing listeners to manage their music playback from any source in an elegantly simple way – accessing CD or SACD playback, digital and UPnP sources all from one control point. The Rossini app also features an intuitive install and configuration wizard for ease of set-up.

Rossini Transport is intended to be used with the matching Rossini DAC or with any suitable industry standard DAC. The unit may be run in Master mode or by using the DAC as the system clock. Performance will be enhanced further by adding the Rossini Clock to the system. The Rossini range supports the simple yet highly effective dCS ‘auto clocking’ architecture as used in Vivaldi, which minimises jitter and improves sound quality significantly.

Designed and made in Great Britain to the highest standards, Rossini’s elegant chassis uses aerospace-grade machined aluminium with internal acoustic damping panels to reduce sound-degrading mechanical vibration and magnetic effects. Multi-stage power regulation is employed, with the mains transformer isolated from the analogue, digital and clock circuitry.

As with all dCS disc Transports, Rossini’s firmware can be easily updated via CD. This lets dCS add new features and improve the performance of Rossini over its lifetime.

When listening to digital music through a Rossini system, listeners are immediately struck by its natural musicality and faithfulness to the original recording. It delivers a powerful and visceral sound yet is highly transparent too, making for an immersive and realistic listening experience.

Key Features

  • Utilises the latest generation dCS Digital Processing Platform for state-of-the-art measured performance and unrivalled musical experience
  • Plays Red Book CDs in their native 16/44.1 format AND upsamples the data to either DSD, DSDx2 or DXD.
  • Plays SACDs in their native DSD format AND downsamples the data to 16/44.1 format.
  • Configuration Menu – Ability to save/ restore settings, and EasyPlay improves ease-of-use.
  • Improved power supplies give lower running temperature and superior tolerance to AC supply variations.
  • Multi-stage power regulation ensures sensitive clock / PLL circuitry is unaffected by digital interference.
  • Aerospace-grade machined aluminium chassis fitted with tuned acoustic damping panels reduces magnetic effects and vibration.



  • type

    Upsampling CD/SACD Transport.

  • colour

    Silver or Black.

  • mechanism

    Dual laser CD/SACD mechanism.

  • dimensions

    444mm (17.5”) long x 435mm (17.2”) deep x 178mm (7.0”) high. Allow extra depth for cable connectors. Allow space for air flow around the unit.

  • weight

    20.6kg (45.3lbs).

  • digital outputs

    Dual AES interface on 2x 3-pin male XLR connectors (AES1+2). While an SACD is playing, the interface outputs encrypted DSD data. While a CD is playing, the Settings > Upsample Mode menu page sets the interface to output either encrypted DSD data (1 bit at 2.822MS/s) or DXD data (24 bits at 352.8kS/s) or DSDx2 data (1 bit at 5.644MS/s). AES interface on 3-pin male XLR connector (AES3), outputs 16/44.1 data, whether a CD or SACD is playing. 2x SPDIF on 1x RCA Phono and 1x BNC connectors. Each outputs 16/44.1 data, whether a CD or SACD is playing.

  • Wordclock I/Oworldclock io

    Word Clock Output on 1x BNC connector. With the transport in Master mode, a TTL-compatible 44.1kHz word clock derived from the internal crystal oscillator is available on this output. Word Clock Input on 1x BNC connector, accepts standard word clock at 44.1, 88.2 or 176.4kHz. Sensitive to TTL levels. Lock range is +/-300ppm.

  • clock accuracy

    The calibration accuracy when shipped is +/-10ppm, (not temperature compensated).

  • software updates

    Updates are loaded directly from CD-R.

  • local control

    dCS Premium Remote handset (not supplied with Rossini Transport as standard. Via the Rossini app, RS232 app or a third party device.

  • power supply

    Factory set to either 100, 115/120, 220 or 230/240V AC, 50/60Hz.

  • power consumption

    16W typical / 50W maximum. Consumes less than 0.5W when powered down from the front panel.


  • image 1

    HiFi Group – dCS Rossini Review

    Thank you to HiFi Group for their great review of the dCS Rossini.

    “From the first notes, we feel that we are dealing with an exceptional source that will take us to the highest spheres of musicality and emotion.”

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    dCS Rossini Transport and DAC

    Hi Fi News Rossini DAC and Transport review by Andrew Everard and Paul Miller

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    HiFi+ Rossini MQA Update 2018

    Review by Chris Thomas

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    Audio Gallery – dCS Rossini Player and Clock

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    Audio Esoterica – Rossini Player and Rossini Clock

    Review by Edgar Kramer

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    Stereophile Magazine – dCS Rossini Player & Rossini Clock

    Review by John Aitkinson

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    dCS Rossini – HiFi i Muzyka Poland

    Review of dCS Rossini CD Player by Paweł Gołębiewski in Źródło: HFM 06/2016.

    Read the full review.

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    Raising the Bar – dCS Rossini

    Review by Jeff Dorgay

    Tone Audio #77

    The sutle growl in Plastikman’s “Mind Encode”
    rolls out into my listening room in such a sinister,
    encompassing way, it’s almost frightening. It
    instantly reminds me of the aural magic that its
    much more expensive sibling, the four box Vivaldi,
    which until now was the only digital playback
    system capable of being this visceral.

  • image 1

    dCS Rossini Player and Clock – HiFi Critic

    Review by Chris Binns

    HiFi Critic

    April  2016

    ‘The Rossini excels in creating a sense of believable musical realism, and that is far closer to where I would like digital audio reproduction to be.’


  • image 1

    Vivaldi y Rossini: de nuevo la magia de dCS

    Pocas marcas han sabido hilar tan fino a la hora de dotar de “alma” al audio digital doméstico
    como la británica dCS. ¿El motivo? Un dominio de la tecnología “pro” más avanzada cuya expresión
    más reciente la encontramos en el modelo Rossini, presentado en sociedad en el icónico loft de la
    barcelonesa Werner.

    Por Salvador Dangla

    AV Premium

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    dCS Rossini Player – đầu đọc hi-end chuẩn tham chiếu


    Review by TIET TUAN LUONG (MR.)

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    dCS Rossini Player and Clock

    Review of dCS Rossini Streaming CD Player and Master Clock

    “The dCS Rossini sets a high standard for digital audio of all kinds today. You may find ‘different’ but you won’t find ‘better’ at anything even close to this level.”

    Alan Sircom, Editor

    Read the online review



  • Mosaic 1.1.1 Release Notes

  • Mosaic 1.0.2 Release Notes

  • Mosaic 1.0.1 Release Notes

  • Menu Guide – Rossini Transport V01

  • Menu Guide – Rossini Player / DAC V02

    Software v2.0x.

  • User Manual – Rossini Player V03

    Software v2.0x with network firmware 501 and Mosaic Control app.

  • User Manual – Rossini Transport v1.0x

  • Rossini CD/SACD Transport – Product Datasheet

  • Product Datasheet – Rossini Player

  • Product Datasheet – Rossini Clock

  • Product Datasheet – Rossini DAC

  • Remote Control Codes

    Last updated 11 Feb 2016.



    • The Absolute Sound – Editor’s Choice 2014

      CD Player of the Year 2016

      Apr 2016

    • The Absolute Sound – Editor’s Choice 2014

      Digital Player of the Year 2016

      Feb 2016

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