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Master Clock displays CAL

This indicates the calibration data has been lost or corrupted. The Clock should still be usable, but it will no longer meet its specified accuracy. Please contact your dealer or distributor to arrange for the Clock to be re-calibrated.

A Puccini Player has lost its upsampling license

If you find that the Player cannot be set to upsample data from the digital inputs (and you have an upsampling license loaded), or it is not remembering its settings after powering down, or a new upsampling license cannot be loaded, please contact your dealer or distributor to arrange for servicing.

The unit loses its settings at power down

For Scarlatti units / Paganini units / Puccini Player / Debussy DAC, please contact your dealer or distributor to arrange for servicing.

Tidal playback problems after renewing Tidal subscription

Try the following steps:
– Switch off the dCS renderer completely (not just to Sleep mode) for a few seconds, then switch back on again.
– Un-install the dCS app. Re-install it from the AppStore, add your Tidal account details again.

Why is the Network Bridge is outputting low rates only?

Make sure the Network Bridge’s Down-sampling settings are correctly set to match your DAC. See the table in the “Unit Setup” section of the user manual (February 2018 version or later) for more information.
If you are using AirPlay, the output rate is limited to 44.1 or 48kS/s only and it does not give the best sound quality.

Which dCS products support MQA?

At the time of writing (January 2018), the Rossini Player and DAC support MQA. We will be adding this feature to our other UPnP products during the year.

How do I find Tidal Masters (MQA) tracks within the dCS App?

Within the dCS Application’s input screen click the Tidal icon.
Click the New folder, here you will find Master folders for playlists, albums and tracks.

How do I play MQA files?

When using audio software such as Roon or Tidal to playback MQA files you will need to ensure that you have turned off all local DSP settings. Please refer to your software’s manual for further information on these settings.

Tidal playback stops, Status privilege message appears

If you experience a Status Privilege message which prevents Tidal playback try the following steps:
– Switch off the dCS renderer completely (not just to Sleep mode) for a few seconds, then switch back on again.
– Un-install the dCS app. Re-install it from the AppStore, add your Tidal account.

Which version of DoP is supported by your products?

The “early dCS version” with the 0xAA DoP marker was only used for prototype demonstrations in 2011. Released dCS software always uses the standard version with a 0x05/0xFA DoP marker.

My dCS product cannot play DSD files

All Vivaldi, Rossini and Network Bridge products have been production tested with DSD/64 and DSD/128. To date, all reports relating to these products not playing DSD files have been traced to the server software settings or the computer streaming program settings, so please check this first.
Scarlatti, Paganini, Puccini and Debussy may require a software update to add DoP/64 capability.

Files downloaded from Qobuz cannot be played over the network

You can choose the file format for Qobuz downloads when you purchase, but their default format is WMA 24/96. Our UPnP products will accept WMA data only if sampled at 44.1 or 48kS/s at present, so the downloads cannot be played. If you choose FLAC or AIFF format, the files will play correctly.

Will MQA be available on Scarlatti, Paganini, Puccini, Debussy and the Classic range?

Unfortunately, these older products will not be updated to support MQA. However, the dCS Network Bridge partially unfolds MQA data into either 24/88.2 or 24/96. This is good quality data, which will work well with the older products.

Tidal stops working

While listening to Tidal, if you add or remove a Tidal account or briefly disconnect the network cable, Tidal will stop working. To restore normal operation, switch off the dCS renderer completely (not just to Sleep mode) for a few seconds, then switch back on again.

My Pronto / Nevo remote only works when it is on the charging cradle.

This is an indication that the battery needs to be replaced. Lithium batteries are considered to be “hazardous goods”, so we are unable to supply replacements directly.
The model number is printed on a label on the back for Pronto (RU960, TSU3500 or TSU9400) or on the front for Nevo (S70 or Q50). Search on the internet for a battery to suit your remote (e.g.: “Pronto TSU9400 battery”) to find a battery supplier and buy one.
To access the battery:
RU960 / TSU3500 – hold down the arrow tab on the back and slide the cover off towards the top.
TSU9400 – the battery cover on the back is secured by a Torx T 0.5 screw.
S70 – push the tab towards the top and lift off.
Q50 – prise out the 2 rubber pads near the bottom edge of the back, remove the 2 Philips screws and lift the cover off.
Fit the new battery, replace the cover and charge the remote before using it again.
Battery replacement is not difficult to do, but dCS cannot take responsibility if you have any difficulty.

After updating MinimServer, my system will not play DSD files.

You may need to reinstall MinimStreamer through MinimWatch on your PC. Next, right-click the MinimWatch icon, go to Options > Properties > System and re-enter the stream.transcode information:


What are your reference network systems?

Our network products are currently developed and tested using the following.
NAS drives: QNAP TS412, Synology 216+, Netgear ReadyNAS Duo v2.
UPnP software: Twonky, MinimServer, Asset.

How do I assign a fixed IP address to my Rossini?

Press the Rossini’s Menu button 3 times to find the Rossini’s IP address, enter it into a web browser to bring up the Rossini’s home page. Select Network Settings > Wired > DHCP = no. Enter the IP address you want to use, such as Enter the Subnet Mask as

My dCS USB Class 2 product will not work with Windows XP.

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP in 2014, so it is not safe to connect an XP machine to the internet. Our current products are no longer tested with XP, so please upgrade to a later version of Windows.

Are you planning to support MQA?

dCS is currently working to add MQA support to Rossini, Vivaldi, Network Bridge and future dCS products. This is scheduled for late summer 2017. This is planned to be a software-only solution, which will be offered free to original registered owners.

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