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Genre: legendary

We all have a soundtrack to our lives. 

Music is surely, amongst many other things, about life, expression and ideas.  Musical ideas intertwine with our lives and this can lead to new possibilities and ways of looking at things.   A melody, a solo, a chord change or a simple arrangement can give birth to feelings, thoughts and impressions of musical landscapes and tonal textures and colours that speak to us on a fundamental and rather earthy level, as well as inspiring us and helping us to better understand our world.  It is an incredibly powerful force.

In the future I will be listing some tracks that you may or may not like. That’s what Playlists are all about.  If they encourage you to check out the artists at a deeper level, then that would be great.

As a guitarist myself I thought I would start off with some electric players that have meant something to me. There will be more to come, as well as acoustic guitar players, vocalists, vocal groups, Bluegrass, Flamenco, Jazz, Fusion etc – as well as just about anything else that comes to mind.  None of the lists come with any claims like being the best of this or that.  It’s just music in some of its many forms.  I hope you enjoy them.

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Comments per track

  1. McLaughlin is a masterful player.  Here he uses his guitar as an airbrush.
  2. Great solo from Eric on this.  One of his best in my opinion.  Sweet and to the point.
  3. When Carlos still had fire in him.  Beautiful playing and he is the wind in the title.
  4. One of the most lyrical and considered guitar solos ever recorded.  Larry Carlton in supreme form.
  5. Blistering tempo and a driving guitar from Carlos here.  Powerful playing from a guitarist at his peak.
  6. Wonderful thin phasey sound from Frank and unusual lyricism in the playing and construction of the piece.  Early digital recording too.
  7. Billy Gibbons sitting off the beat as only he can.  Seems a simple solo, but it really isn’t.  Tasteful playing.
  8. The master of melody and thought-out solo building.  What a sweet player Larry Carlton is.
  9. Great sound and a sense of power and drive from SRV on this.  Sadly missed musician with his own style.
  10. One of the best electric guitarists ever.  There is nobody that plays like Jeff Beck and this is a great example of his more recent work.