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Spirit of Turtle

Date: April 2014

Every now and then, something special happens to delight music-loving audiophiles, and this two-disc collection is precisely this. dCS has long been a fan of and collaborator with Netherlands-based recording engineer and genius Bert van der Wolf. This album features some of the very best recordings released by his Turtle label over its fifteen year life. The package comprises two discs, one a hybrid CD/SACD and the other in Pure Audio Blu-ray format – together with a delightful booklet recounting the history of Turtle Records. There’s also a brief but informative description of each of the tracks penned by Bert himself.

The fourteen tracks on each disc are all excerpts chosen by Bert from his favourite recordings over the one and a half decades he has been recording for Turtle Records. They include his earliest Turtle cut and one of his very latest. The genres range from superb classical recordings (Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Bruckner, etc.) to wonderfully inventive jazz pieces. All are musically delightful and represent seventy seven minutes of the most enjoyable music we have heard for many moons.

The good news does not stop there however, for every one of these tracks is also a sonic miracle showcasing Bert’s world-class engineering expertise. These recordings define the oft-used expression ‘demonstration quality’ and, as a result, this set has instantly become our most valued test disc.

Absolutely gorgeous!! Watch the video on the creation of the Spirit.