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The Playback Chain

At dCS we strongly believe that garbage in equals garbage out.

Regardless of the calibre of amplification and/or loudspeakers later in the chain, they cannot make up for a poor or compromised signal from a weak source. The rest of the chain after the source cannot be asked to substitute, create or replace what is already missing.

This means that good loudspeakers and amplification with an excellent source will provide a superb end result. The alternative – a poor quality source into an excellent amplifier and loudspeakers – will simply result in the system reproducing poor quality sound.

A Trusted Retailer

dCS products are high end – a combination of state-of-the-art technology and world-class craftsmanship – so, in order to appreciate the musical performance of a dCS system, you must be in the right environment.

That’s why dCS products are only available from specialist, independent retailers who have a ‘bricks and mortar’ store and the right level of knowledge and training to ensure you can hear precisely what dCS products are capable of.

A trusted retailer needs to have extensive knowledge on what audio products are out there and not just the brands they represent. This requires the retailer to be independent and analytical in thought. You should also be able to tell a retailer about your tastes, music, lifestyle and budget and let them advise you on what products they think will work for you now and in the future.

The Demonstration

All dCS retailers have excellent demonstration facilities and support equipment, so you can spend quality time listening to dCS products. We believe the audition is the most important tool you have in deciding what you like about a product, how you want to interact with your system and what you want from it musically.

Our belief is that our products should become invisible to the ear and leave you with only the music, so we advise you to listen to dCS products with a range of supporting equipment so you can be certain that you have made the correct choice.

Finding a retailer you trust and who spends time understanding your requirements will mean you are delivered a system that is optimised for performance and meets your exact specifications. All dCS retailers are trained to deliver and configure our products correctly, and we require that all our systems are personally installed by them to ensure they perform as intended.




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