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Our Values

The unique culture at dCS enables us to embrace change and push the limits of human ingenuity in order to make our world-beating digital audio products ever better. It is this passionate commitment to product and service excellence that sets dCS apart.

The dCS Product Promise
•    We will design all of our products from the ground up using leading-edge technology – so that they perform better than anything else available.
•    We will ensure that our products have the very best measured performance across all important technical parameters.
•    We will build our products by hand in the UK to ensure superlative product quality and reliability, testing each product exhaustively before it reaches the customer.

The dCS Customer Promise
•    We will only sell products that offer the finest possible subjective performance in terms of music reproduction.
•    We will only sell our products through dedicated and extensively trained retailers who will optimise the performance of dCS products in our customers’ systems.
•    We will offer our customers the best possible after-sales service without question.




A Special Company

dCS only makes high end products which combine leading-edge technology and world-class craftsmanship.

Learn more about our flagship dCS Vivaldi Digital Playback System.