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Our Philosophy

  • Performance is Everything

    unique architcture + commitment to innovation d/dt dcs

    At dCS we only build audio products that are best in class.

    Because of our unique architecture dCS products are not constrained by conventional design approaches. As a result we are able to focus on creating innovative technologies and products that transcend the ordinary in terms of both technicalperformance and subjective listening.

    The result? A uniquely musical experience of unrivalled emotional clarity and intensity.

  • People Matter

    dcs = talent + experience + effort

    As a result of our commitment to innovation and leading the field in digital audio, we employ some of the best and brightest talent in the industry.

    At dCS our entire reptation depends on our people and it is these talented engineers, designers and technicians who have helped us to continually redefine the state of the art in digital audio.

  • Anticipate the Future

    state of the art technology + flexible architecture + simple updates

    At dCS we recognise that technology is constantly changing.

    Our product architecture is completely flexible and modular allowing us to continually improve our products so music lovers can build and expand their dCS system over time.

    This means an investment in dCS will provide listeners with an unrivalled musical and technical performance now and long into the future.

  • Test and Test and Test Again

    dcs audio microscope + 25 years experience + bespoke test equipment

    State of the art measured performance is our number one requirement.

    For this reason we cannot use conventional test hardware and software because dCS products exceed the capability of standard test equipment.

    Every unit we manufacture is rigorously tested using dCS converter technology that has been designed, developed and improved throughout our life at the cutting edge of digital audio.

  • Form Must Follow Function

    inspirational products and world class craftsmanship + state of the art technology

    At dCS our ambition is to make world beating, life-enhancing products.

    Our design approach is to balance world class craftmanship with leading edge technology. There is a rich history of ground breaking innovation inside every dCS unit and we only use materials and components that are of the very highest quality.

  • Made in the UK

    design + testing + manufacture x hand built

    A typical dCS product is assembled by hand with a total build time of around one week.

    From the original concept to the point of shipping, we are proud to say that everything is designed, tested and manufactured in our Cambridge, UK, factory.