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July 28
KL AV Show
28th July 2017 - 30th July 2017


May 18
Munich High End 2017
18th May 2017 - 21st May 2017


January 5
CES 2017
5th January 2017 - 8th January 2017

Featuring dCS Vivaldi Digital Playback System with amplification from D’Agostino, loudspeakers from Wilson Audio and cabling from Transparent Audio.



December 9
dCS Days
9th December 2016 - 10th December 2016

Le 9 et le 10 décembre, c’est DCS (Data Conversion Systems Ltd) qui est à l’honneur chez Audio-Synthese à Paris ! Avec la présence exceptionnelle de Raveen Bawa, venez découvrir Rossini et Vivaldi, et surtout le nouveau Bridge en avant première !


November 19
Berkeley Music Lovers
19th November 2016 - 19th November 2016
Wilson Audio, Boulder, dCS & Transparent Listening Party! November 19th, Berkeley Music Lovers

Join the Berkeley Music Lovers staff on November 19th from 2pm-6pm for an early holiday listening party. We host an afternoon early holiday listening party featuring Wilson Audio, dCS, Boulder, and Transparent! Peter McGrath of Wilson Audio, Rich Maez of Boulder, John Quick of dCS, and Bob McConnell of Transparent will be in the house to provide their knowledge and expertise. Ask about our seminar special.

Please RSVP with the size of your party via email: or phone: 510-558-1000


Music Lovers – Berkeley

2116 Blake Street

Berkeley, CA 94704

See you there!

November 4
Imacshow em Lisboa
4th November 2016 - 5th November 2016

Uma audição de produtos Magico ou dCS é, por si só, uma excelente experiência sonora. Ouvir todos estes equipamentos exclusivos, poder falar e conviver com quem participou no seu desenvolvimento, é uma oportunidade única!

Nos próximos dias 4 e 5 de Novembro (sexta-feira e sábado), a Imacustica proporciona experiências audiófilas de excelência, com algumas das maiores personalidades do mundo do high-end, no nosso showroom de Lisboa: Alon Wolf (Magico) e Raveen Bawa (dCS).
Convidamos todos os amantes da música para sessões exclusivas, feitas na primeira pessoa pelos responsáveis da Magico e dCS.

4 de Novembro (sexta-feira), das 15h às 20h;
5 de Novembro (sábado), das 11h às 19h.


October 29
Windsor Hi-Fi Show 2016
29th October 2016 - 30th October 2016

The Hi-Fi Show Live 2016, a speciality high-end audio event organised by the passionate audiophiles that bring you Hi-Fi News & Record Review magazine every month. The world’s oldest and most respected hi-fi magazine knows a thing or two about sound quality, so expect to experience some of the very best demonstrations ever attempted in the UK!

The Hi-Fi Show Live 2016 is scheduled to run over two days from Saturday 29th to Sunday 30th of October within five conference centres in the grounds of the Beaumont Estate in Old Windsor, Berkshire. The doors will open at 9.30am and close at 5:30pm (or maybe even later!). Also, we’re the only Hi-Fi Show with private bar and dining facilities so there’ll be plenty of opportunity to take a break and compare notes with fellow enthusiasts, including some of your favourite Hi-Fi News contributors!

October 22
Roon Audio Workshop @ The Audio Salon
22nd October 2016 - 22nd October 2016

The Audio Salon presents a collaborative learning event developed for the benefit of current and prospective Roon Labs users. This will be an interactive session for all levels of Roon experience and interest.

Come hear from and talk directly to those on the cutting edge of digital audio. Guest speakers, hands on learning and new product introductions. More details to follow in the coming days.

Guest Presenters:

Chris Connaker (Founder of Computer Audiophile)

Rob Darling (Roon Labs)

John Quick (General Manager, Data Conversion Systems Americas (dCS))

Richard Liddell (Lead Hardware and Support at Audio Alchemy and Constellation Audio)

Vikas Bhavsar (Quality Control and Customer Service Manager for Constellation Audio)

Maier Shadi (Customer Service at The Audio Salon)

Sponsored by:

Computer Audiophile, The Audio Salon, dCS, Roon Labs, Audio Alchemy, Wilson Audio, Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems, Brinkmann, Constellation Audio, HRS Harmonic Resolution Systems and Transparent Cables.

Space will be limited, RSVP via email:

Or via text: ‪3108630863‬

October 14
The Indulgence Show, London UK
14th October 2016 - 16th October 2016

London’s new HiFi, portable audio and luxury lifestyle show to satisfy your emotions. Official news and latest information from The Indulgence Show

Visit dCS, Nordost, Moon and YG Accoustics in the Medoc room.

Novotel London West, London, UK.


September 30
Tokyo International Audio Show 2016 | Japan
30th September 2016 - 2nd October 2016

The International Audio Society of Japan (IASJ,) will be presenting the Tokyo International Audio show from 30th September through 2nd October. Rich textured analog music to detailed and spacious sound of digital music will be played in 35 rooms. Each exhibiting room is acoustically sealed providing an ideal listening environment for playback demonstration. The world’s top-notch 192 brands will be exhibited, portraying the joy of listening. Please visit the show and feel the superb reproduced music through the high-end consumer audio equipment.

30th Sept. (Fri) 10:00 ~ 19:00

1st Oct. (Sat) 10:00 ~ 19:00

2nd Oct. (Sun) 10:00 ~ 17:00

The show is located at: Tokyo International Forum, 3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


September 24
Alta Fidelta – Evento Wilson Audio & dCS
24th September 2016 - 24th September 2016

Audio Natali & Alta Fedeltà, vi invitano all’evento che si terrà presso la sede di Alta Fedeltà a Calco il giorno 24 settembre 2016.

Saranno allestiti due impianti con la possibilità di ascoltare le nuove Wilson Audio ALEXX ed in anteprima le attesissime YVETTE.

Nei due impianti le sorgenti saranno dCS, nel primo la versione aggiornata del sistema Vivaldi 2.0 e nel secondo il dCS Rossini.

Programma dell’Evento:
Sabato con il seguente orario (è richiesta la prenotazione):
– ore 10,00 – 13,00 14,30 – 18,30



August 11
TAA International Hi-End Hi-Fi Show | Taiwan
11th August 2016 - 14th August 2016

Event Venue: Grand Hotel
Join us at the TAA International Hi-End Hi-Fi Show at the Grand Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan.

August 5
Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show 2016
5th August 2016 - 7th August 2016

Visit Radar Audio Company in S421

Hong Kong Covention Centre


June 17
Salon événement – Audio Synthese et Vivaldi
17th June 2016 - 18th June 2016

Nous vous invitons les vendredi 17 juin & samedi 18 juin prochains
à découvrir ou redécouvrir nos gammes Vivaldi et Rossini lors d’un événement
exceptionnel chez Audio Synthèse à Paris.

Ces journées seront l’occasion de mettre sur le devant de la scène la légendaire
reproduction audio des systèmes dCS mais également de mettre à jour les logiciels
vos appareils Debussy, Paganini, Puccini et Scarlatti pour profiter des dernières
avancées en haute fidélité.

Rejoignez Michel Roger, responsable produit en France, l’équipe d’Audio Synthèse
et moi-même avec vos propres CD pour une démonstration exceptionnelle.

Audio Synthèse
8, rue de Prague
75012 Paris

Tél. : 01 43 07 07 01


May 28
Vivaldi 2.0 – The best just got better @ Loud & Clear Glasgow
28th May 2016 - 28th May 2016

Do you want to hear the world’s finest digital sound??

When dCS launched the superlative Vivaldi system in 2012, music industry professionals and audiophiles alike declared it to be the finest sounding digital source available. Many thought it could not be improved upon, until now….

Loud & Clear and dCS are thrilled to invite you along to hear Vivaldi 2.0 – their radically improved reference system, launched earlier this month at the Munich High End Show. Liam and Rav from dCS will be here on the day to present the upgrades and let you hear Vivaldi 2.0 in it’s full glory.  We’ll have a selection of standard, high resolution and studio master recordings, including DSD files, to let you hear how truly mesmerising Vivaldi 2.0 is.

The dCS chaps will be on hand to explain the detail behind the technological advances which include:

Vivaldi Transport – 2x DSD upsampling

Vivaldi DAC – new Ring DAC mappers, improved clocking and a new DSD filter

Vivaldi Upsampler – new, isolated Network and USB hardware, new Playback and Control App and 2x DSD upsampling

We are running 3 listening sessions on the day – 12pm, 2pm & 4pm – each followed by a Q&A/musical requests session. And we’ll have Rossini playing in the ‘wee’ dem room to complete the dCS range.

Book your place: Click to email 0141 221 0221 or RSVP online.



May 13
dCS Vivaldi 2.0 UK Launch
13th May 2016 - 13th May 2016

On Friday 13th May, Both dCS and KJ West One cordially invite you to the launch of the latest software upgrade for their reference player Vivaldi 2.0.

The dCS Vivaldi range is admired across the globe for being in the elite bracket of digital playback devices. dCS is known as a company dedicated to innovation, because of this they are constantly developing their products in the quest for perfection.

Vivaldi 2.0 is the result of over 25 years research and development at the cutting edge of digital and brings some radical improvements to the amazing Vivaldi.

For this special event we will be joined by dCS Technical Director Andy McHarg and Director of Product Development Chris Hales who will talk through the design goals and how they get even closer to the original performance.

Listeners will be treated to a wonderful selection of standard, high resolution and master recordings from dCS and special guest Recording Engineer Chris Binns.

The event will start at 6.30pm with the presentations and listening session running from 7pm to 8.30pm. There will be a Q&A session with Andy and Chris at the end of the listening.

We look forward to welcoming you to this special event.

RSVP here.


April 6
An Audio Salon Listening Event
6th April 2016 - 7th April 2016

Wednesday/Thursday, April 6 and 7, 2016
5:30pm – 8:30pm
R.S.V.P. (310) 863-0863

Location: Bergamot Station Showroom, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Unit F1, Santa Monica

Join dCS, D’Agostino and Wilson Audio for an evening of music and manufacturer presentations.

For more information click here.

April 2
Anticipa il Futuro
2nd April 2016 - 2nd April 2016

Audio Natali & Alta Fedeltà, con la partecipazione del responsabile di dCS Raveen
Bawa e del giornalista di Audio Review Marco Cicogna, vi invitano all’evento dCS che si
terrà presso la sede di Alta Fedeltà a Calco (LC) il giorno sabato 2 aprile 2016.
Impianto in Dimostrazione:
Per l’occasione sarà allestito un sistema due canali di riferimento utilizzando come
sorgente il sistema completo dCS Vivaldi equipaggiato in anteprima con il nuovo firmware
2.0. Il resto della catena sarà composto da pre Altair II e finali Hercules II di Constellation
Audio. Utilizzeremo i diffusori MAGICO Project M con subwoofer MAGICO Q-Sub 18 e
cavi Transparent Cable serie Magnum.
Orario dell’Evento:
Sabato con il seguente orario:
– ore 10,00 – 13,00 16,00 – 19,00

Prenota on-line il tuo posto


March 18
18th March 2016 - 19th March 2016

Filtronique, as well as 10 of the most prestigious audio manufacturers invite you to experience the absolute best in high-fidelity audio reproduction and demonstration.

All welcome, there will be presentations running from 10am to 10pm on March 18th and 19th.

Tel: 514 389 1377


February 27
Esoteric Audio – Grand Opening Event
27th February 2016 - 27th February 2016

Soaring ceilings, mid-century architecture and state-of-the-art equipment come together to create a showroom without equal in our new downtown Phoenix location. A purpose-built auditioning room houses our reference systems, which represent a new benchmark in enveloping musical experience.

Our Grand Opening Event represents the first time our manufacturer partners have assembled together in Phoenix to demonstrate the limits of their gear, and we couldn’t be prouder to provide the setting. Experience hors d’oeuvres, international wine and craft beer tastings and a return to music the way it was meant to be enjoyed: in the company of friends.

Please mark your calendar and set aside some time to join us from 1pm – 7pm on Saturday, February 27. We promise you’ll walk away amazed!