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Enhancing the headphone experience: How we developed dCS Expanse

Expanse is a new software platform from dCS that reimagines how sound is optimised for headphones. Developed for our Bartók Headphone DAC, it uses a unique processing method to bring the h...

StereoNET – Product of the Year Awards 2020 – Best DAC


Mosaic 1.1.1 Release Notes
Mosaic Update 1.1.1 – Introducing Expanse

On December 21, we’re releasing an update for dCS Mosaic – our custom platform which allows dCS customers to access a wide range of digital music and control the settings on their dCS device.dCS Expanse White Paper

Bartók DAC

The new dCS Bartók DAC brings together dCS’s past, present and future. It is first and foremost a state of the art network streaming DAC that uses technology developed for the Rossini range. Wit...

Yellowbox – dCS Bartok Review

Thank you to Yellowbox for their great review of the dCS Bartók.

“When technology leads (finally) to emotion…”

SoundStage! Hi-Fi – dCS Bartók Review

Thank you to SoundStage! Hi-Fi for recommending the dCS Bartok as a Reference Component.

“arguably the best homegrown software I’ve used in the last couple years.”

Headfonics – dCS Bartók Review

Thank you to Headfonics for their review of the Bartók DAC/Headphone amp.

“The performance of the Bartók is nothing short of breathtaking. It is probably the most natural-sounding an...

What HiFi? – dCS Bartók review

Thank you to What HiFi? for their review of the Bartók,

“Transparency is the word we keep coming back to. The Bartók produces a deeply analytical sound, one that’s brimming with de...

Sound Stage Ultra – Bartok Review

Thank you to Sound Stage Ultra for their review on the Bartok!

“I couldn’t, and can’t now, hear this recording any other way. The Bartók spoiled me on every front.”

Audiophile FR – dCS Bartok Review

Thank you to our distributor PPL Audio for sharing this great Bartok review from Audiophile FR!

“This “high-flying” network converter-player is a product that goes very far on all ...

StereoNET – dCS Bartok DAC Review

Thank you to StereoNet for their review on the dCS Bartok DAC,

“One of the most important high end streaming DACs of this generation gets an in-depth StereoNET review...

Darko.Audio – Bartok DAC Headphone Amplifer Review

By John Darko