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Windows USB Class 2 Driver 2018

Compatible with Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7.

How do I update the software in my Puccini U-Clock?

The Puccini U-Clock was deliberately designed to be simpler than our other products, so it has no software update feature. Updating requires opening the case and loading new software from a chip, p...

The Absolute Sound – Editor’s Choice 2010
HiFi Review Hong Kong – Product of the Year 2008
Stereophile – Product of the Year 2010
Product Datasheet – dCS Puccini U-Clock
User Manual – Puccini U-Clock v2.0x

Software v2.0x. This applies to units with serial numbers starting with PUC.

Digital Done Right

Stereophile, December 2009

Review by John Atkinson

Puccini U-Clock

The Puccini range features the award-winning Puccini U-Clock which is a separate Grade 1 system clock to further reduce jitter and improve performance. Matched with the Puccini Player it improves o...