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dCS is thrilled to announce that it has won The Queens Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2019, for the technology inside its flagship Vivaldi Digital Playback System – specifically the digital processing platform, the latest version of the Ring DAC™ and its new network audio platform and control software.

dCS joins the ranks of the UK’s most prestigious, innovative and pioneering companies as a recipient of this coveted award. The highest official UK award for British business recognises outstanding achievement, and was instituted by Royal Warrant in 1965.

dCS Managing Director David Steven says, “We are truly elated. Applying for the award was an extensive, across-the-board audit of dCS as a company and the research and development journey we went through with Vivaldi. The award process made us look at every aspect of how we function as a company. This exhaustive process meant we had to detail all the investments and strategic decisions we made across the entire business from Development to Manufacturing to Supply Chain.”

“Vivaldi was a hugely important project for dCS,” says David, “because we had to look many years into the future. Back in 2010 we believed there was an unrealised demand for a solution that would provide state of the art music playback from any digital source (legacy compact disc to file playback) in a connected home. With Vivaldi our goal was to develop a number of key technologies that would take advantage of these opportunities and overcome the many technical challenges we had identified.

To win this coveted award, dCS had to demonstrate how its business impacts positively on the local community and society, its environmental impact, how its employees are supported and its ethical trading practices. The use of almost exclusively UK-sourced components, along with investment in people and customer service, made winning possible. “Winning the award has been an interesting process as it made us look closely at the journey we’ve been on, the untapped market needs we had to address and the products we developed. The success of the Vivaldi system and this award have helped us to push forward and keep innovating into the future.” says David.


  • dCS wins The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2019
  • it goes to the technology inside the flagship Vivaldi Digital Playback system – specifically the digital audio processing platform, Ring DAC™, new network card and software
  • the highest official UK award for British business has been running since 1965
  • the Vivaldi project began as two parallel programmes: one was a technical research project to develop a state-of-the-art digital audio platform that would redefine the industry benchmark for technical performance. The second major project was to develop a user interface that could run on iOS. This entailed a significant investment in graphic design, iconography as well as software development
  • heavy investment was made in new software and hardware engineers, test and approbation specialists as well as increased customer support infrastructure
  • dCS Managing Director David Steven says, “This award would never have been possible without the amazingly talented staff we have at dCS and our committed partners who work closely with us here in the UK.”
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About dCS:
Since 1987 dCS has been at the forefront of digital audio, creating world-beating,
life-enhancing products that are a unique synthesis of exact science and creative
imagination. Each of our award-winning product ranges sets the standard within its
class for technical excellence and musical performance. As a result, dCS digital
playback systems are unrivalled in their ability to make music.

All dCS products are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom using proprietary
technology, and materials and components of the highest quality. A carefully judged
balance of our unique heritage and world-class engineering ensures there is a rich
history of ground-breaking innovation inside every dCS system.

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