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dCS is pleased to announce the release of software version 2.30 for the Debussy Plus USB DAC.

 The update adds DXD and DSD/128 capability to the USB and Dual AES interfaces, so that files recorded at these rates can be played directly.

The Dual AES interface will also accept dCS-encrypted DSD/64 data from dCS CD/SACD Transports, so the Debussy is now compatible with the Vivaldi Transport, as well as the final versions (v1.11) of the Scarlatti & Paganini Transports when set to “Vivaldi Mode”.    

 The update file with installation instructions may be downloaded at no charge from and loaded from a computer via the DAC’s USB interface. As many Debussy owners have “gone disc-less”, v2.30 update discs have not been mass-produced this time. Discs can be supplied on request and will incur a service charge.

 Debussy has been in production since 2010, and was upgraded with a USB Class 2 interface in 2011. If you have the original “DDC” version (software v1.00 or 1.01), upgrades to Debussy Plus can still be arranged through your local distributor.

 We hope you enjoy the new features!

 The dCS Team