Built to the highest specifications, Debussy features a sleek solid aluminium fascia, high grade aluminium casing, all metal buttons and is powered by dCS electronics. Whether you use CD or a computer as your source, Debussy will extract every last bit of detail from your music collection, bringing a realism to your music that you have never heard before.

In common with our award winning Scarlatti, Paganini and Puccini ranges, Debussy uses our proprietary dCS Ring DAC™, which oversamples all incoming data to 5 bits at 2.822 or 3.07MS/s.

Debussy DAC features standard AES3, Dual AES and SPDIF inputs in addition to the USB 2.0 interface. The digital volume control allows direct connection to a power amplifier, thus in most cases removing the need for a preamplifier. Maximum output can be either two or six volts to suit different amp/speaker combinations. Two filters are provided, offering listeners the choice of linear phase with pre-ringing or non-linear phase without pre-ringing.

When connecting a computer source, Debussy DAC operates in ‘asynchronous‘ USB mode (NOT to be confused with asynchronous rate conversion), in which the Debussy DAC synchronises the audio by providing a feedback pipe to the computer. The computer is then effectively locked to the audio device, which provides a much more accurate clock and much lower jitter.

The PCM inputs on all our DACs are industry standard AES and SPDIF interfaces. There should be no difficulty using them with other manufacturers’ equipment, provided it also complies with industry standards.

Debussy can be locked to an external Word Clock signal generated by a dCS Master Clock and this produces a substantial performance improvement.

Key Features

  • Asynchronous USB input also allows direct connection of a PC and supports high resolution audio up to and including 24/192kS/s and DOP (DSD over PCM).
  • An array of independently selectable digital inputs completes the versatility of this powerful machine,  elevating the performance of Red Book CD from CD Players or high resolution audio from digital streamers and servers to a previously unsurpassed level.
  • The enhanced digital volume control allows direct connection to a power amplifier so that in the majority of systems there is no need for a separate preamplifier. Maximum output can be set at either two or six volts to suit different amplifier and speaker combinations.
  • Debussy also benefits from our ‘soft’ approach to programmable logic, allowing new software to be loaded from a dCS update disc or connected computer in order to add new features and adapt to future changes in digital audio.

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