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Pioneering British digital audio manufacturer partners with the UK’s leading distributor of high-performance audio equipment.  Commenting on the appointment of Absolute Sounds, David Steven, Managing Director of dCS, said:  “dCS has been developing state-of-the-art digital audio technology for almost 30 years. Since becoming Managing Director in 2009, I have been committed to furthering our pioneering tradition with products that  deliver the finest performance available today.

“One of the most crucial elements in helping our customers enjoy an unrivalled listening experience is the support offered by our global distributor and dealer network. We are constantly looking for partners who share our passion and commitment to deliver an unforgettable in-home musical experience.

“Absolute Sounds has been the primary architect of the UK’s high-end audio scene over the past four decades. We share a passion for providing wonderful sound and exceptional customer service to discerning music lovers; by working together we can make that experience even stronger.”

Ricardo Franassovici, founder and Managing Director of Absolute Sounds, added:

“There are very few digital audio products in the world that deliver the level of performance we demand from the brands we represent. The components made by dCS unquestionably do, with the company’s proprietary technologies cementing its status as a true digital audio pioneer.

“When we auditioned the latest dCS Vivaldi 2.0 digital playback system, we were inspired by its magnificent sound quality. And when David Steven and his team of engineers shared their forward-thinking vision with us, we became excited at the prospect of our new partnership. On a personal note, having known David’s father prior to his death in 2009, I am delighted at the prospect of working with the innovative company that  he helmed for many years and that his son now steers toward further success.”

dCS announces its new Vivaldi 2.0 series – bringing a comprehensive package of improvements to what many regard as the best digital music source in the world.

The original Vivaldi was launched in late 2012 to widespread critical acclaim. Music industry professionals and audiophiles alike declared it to be the finest sounding digital front end on sale.

Comprising the Vivaldi Transport, Vivaldi DAC, Vivaldi Upsampler and Vivaldi Master Clock, this cost-no-object, flagship system pushed the boundaries of what was then possible with digital replay. Vivaldi processed practically every digital format and offered a vast array of input and output configurations. At its heart was the dCS Ring DAC™, a unique, bespoke-designed digital converter that offers superlative sound quality and technical performance.

As with every dCS product, subsequent firmware updates have improved its functionality and performance. Now though, dCS has made a number of landmark hardware and software improvements to the system, warranting the 2.0 suffix. The changes are designed to make Vivaldi easier to use, more flexible and even better sounding.

The disc transport in the new dCS Rossini Player does not support the Super Audio Compact Disc format, although it does play the standard CD layer of hybrid SACDs in 16/44.1 PCM Red Book quality. Read more in the attached brieifing.

dCS is proud to announce its new Rossini series – designed to make superb sounding digital music from any source more easily accessible.

A premium-priced complete digital front end that replaces Puccini in the dCS range, it comes in two versions – the £15,000 Rossini DAC and £18,000 Rossini Player; setting the new performance standard for single-box digital systems.

Rossini DAC features an array of digital audio inputs and is able to stream music from NAS drives and streaming services such as TIDAL™, Spotify™ and Deezer™ over Ethernet, from Apple devices via Airplay™, and audio via industry-standard USB, AES and S/PDIF digital inputs. Rossini Player adds an integral, high quality Compact Disc transport for silver disc playback.

In an industry where most high end manufacturers adopt a build-by-numbers approach, using generic technology lightly repackaged to suit commercial needs, there are few companies that go their own way. Data Conversion Systems (dCS) is one. This specialist British brand stands apart because all the elements of its digital audio playback systems are designed, developed and assembled in the United Kingdom using unique proprietary technologies, accrued from twenty five years at the cutting edge of digital audio recording and playback. So, what does a dCS system sound like and why are they so remarkable?

At dCS’s facility just outside Cambridge a small team of highly skilled technicians builds a limited number of units each month. Every dCS product – whether it be a Digital Audio Converter (DAC), CD/SACD Transport, Digital to Digital Converter or Master Clock – is individually hand-assembled in a process that takes two full weeks. During that time it is subjected to a battery of extremely rigorous and demanding tests to ensure that by the time it leaves the company’s premises every single parameter of its measured performance is guaranteed to be within the very fine tolerances demanded by the company and that there is not a single blemish anywhere to spoil its beautiful finish and elegant appearance.

Ten things about Britain’s greatest purveyor of premium digital music playback sources…

dCS’s culture of cutting-edge engineering, that is the result of its twin heritage in both defence systems and professional audio, led to a number of ‘world firsts’ in the audio field.  The company pioneered high resolution audio, developing converters capable of supporting 24/192, DSD* and DXD* audio formats. Not only were the world’s first high resolution (24/88.2) and surround Super Audio CD (SACD) recordings created using dCS technology, but the company was the first to develop outboard upsamplers and master clocks, demonstrating to music lovers worldwide the importance of these technologies and how they could get listeners much closer to the original musical performance.

dCS celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2014. It has been a remarkable quarter of a century for the Cambridge company, during which time it has changed the face of digital audio recording and playback around the world. In its twenty-fifth anniversary year, dCS is looking back at its legacy, celebrating its tradition of innovation and engineering excellence, and reviewing its many technological milestones along the way.

DOUG SCHNEIDER, Editor of Soundstage Global, visits dCS in their Cambridge home where he meets the people, learns about their special technology and manufacturing systems and processes and has a tour of this beautiful city.  Read more.